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  • S-Line 38400 Egg Hatcher
S-Line 38400 Egg Hatcher

S-Line 38400 Egg Hatcher

  • Product description: This hatcher is working for S-Line incubators, usually cooperating with 38400 egg incubator, 76800 egg incubator, and 115200 egg incubator

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1. Capacity 38,400 Eggs;

2. Cooperating with single-stage Incubators, all in all out;

3. CO2 control function included, fan inverter function optional;

4. DC II Touch Control System, can connect to internet.

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1. Easy operation, for operators of all skill levels

Touch control screen with Icons enables easy operation all the time.

A variety of world main languages, users can change according to their requirement.

Three level passwords management, giving different rights to workers and management. Advanced settings can be realized with password permit.

Parameters programmable can meet the requirement of eggs in different days.

Internet function, allowing connect to the incubator screen from anywhere in the world.

Pneumatic egg turning system, reliable, and easier cleaning than mechanical egg turning system.

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2. Longer life incubators with less maintaining and spare parts

Selected metal materials with advanced anti-erosion ability for incubator trolleys and inside structures: SS304 stainless steel, 275g zinc coated steel, Hot-dip-galvanized steel, anodized or coated aluminum, allowing the metal parts can last at least 20 years.

Incubator body using premium quality FRP (fiber-glass material) skin, and the working life can be 50 years above.

Water proof insulation material for wall panels, with density level leading the industry, allowing the incubators to remain perfect insulation even after many years using.

Selected electric parts, from world famous brands. Better quality means less maintaining and less spareparts to buy in the future.
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3. Uniform and robust day old chicks

CO2 control function with proper setting programs, giving higher CO2 level at the earlier embryo development stage to make embryos develop stronger, and higher CO2 level in hatcher at pipping time to stimulate late pip chicks come out earlier to reduce hatch window.

Less air exchange design, realized by application of CO2 sensor and enough water cooling pipes, ensuring less vibration of temperature and humidity.

Well designed air circulation system, and control system with decades experience, enabling a stable temperature field inside the incubators and hatchers.

Above design and functions give a proper environment for the eggs, and ensure larger and robust day old chicks.
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4. Energy Saving

With less air exchange design, the machine will use less air conditioning power. Less humidification used, so that less heating compensation is used. Because of above, energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

With inverter (optional), reducing the RPM of fan motors, in specific phases of embryonic development where it is not needed, energy consumption can be saved significantly.