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Egg handling and Storage

  • Vacuum Egg Lifter
Vacuum Egg Lifter

Vacuum Egg Lifter

  • Product description: As a market leader of egg vacuum equipment, we have a big variety of different kinds of vacuum egg lifters, capacity from 6 eggs upto 54 eggs per egg vacuum. Duck /turkey eggs vacuum also available.

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Product Description:

Yunfeng Egg Lifter is designed for semi-automatic egg lifting. The egg lifter assembly comes with one or two egg lifting heads, each with a switch on the handle to attach or release the eggs. Egg lifters with shifting head, which can smoothly operate zigzag trays (honeycomb type egg trays), are also available.

The shifting function will make it easy for transferring eggs from comon matrix 30-egg tray to 42-egg setter trays or other type of honeycomb egg trays.

The standard configuration of this transferring equipment includes two lifters, one vacuum pump, and other piping parts. It can also work with air compressor through a vacuum transfer device. 

As a leading company supplying egg vacuum lifters, we can supply a big variety of egg vacuums as below, and also can customize according to customer requirement for special type of egg trays.


1.Eliminates damage rate of the eggs

2.Higher efficiency and safe egg transfer

3.Preventing contamination by hands

4.Different configurations available for chicken, duck& turkey eggs