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Duck Incubator

  • YFDF-12096 Duck Incubator
YFDF-12096 Duck Incubator

YFDF-12096 Duck Incubator

  • Product description: YFDF-12096 Duck Incubator


1.12,096 duck egg capacity / 4 Trolleys

2.Single-stage Incubator;

3.All in all out;

4.DC II Touch Control System

The structure is similar to YFDF-192 incubator, but also has some differences in Trolley, Egg Tray, and Egg Turning.

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1. Are you the manufacture or trading company?
We are the earliest incubator manufacturer in China. The company was founded in 1964 and started producing incubators since 1978.
2. Where is your factory located?
Our factory is located in Beijing, welcome to visit our factory at anytime!
3. What is the difference between incubator(setter) and hatcher?
Eggs are put inside incubator (setter) at the beginning, and moved to the hatcher for the last three days of incubation. For example, chicken eggs need 21 days to be hatched, for 1-18 days in incubator (setter), and 18-21 days in hatcher.
4. What is the difference between single-stage and multi-stage incubators?
Single-stage is filled one time during one incubation cycle, and all the eggs inside are at the same development stage.
Multi-stage incubators is filled part by part, a batch of eggs will be moved in and out every 3-7 days. and the eggs inside are at different development stage.
5. What is the price of your incubators?
Different capacity and specifications with different price. First please let us know those questions, thanks.
> For what kind of eggs?
> What capacity incubator and how many, or how many eggs to be hatched per week?
> Which type do you prefer between single-stage and multi-stage incubators?
> Where is the destination port?
6. What is the MOQ of your machine?
There is no MOQ, but pls contact us to confirm our production period.
7. What power supply does it require?
The standard large incubators are using 380V50Hz 3phase, and small models 220V50Hz single phase power,
Other voltage and frequency requirement for different area can be customized.
8. Does it need technician for installation?
Most of the incubators require installation except the machine capacity which is below 12,096 eggs.
9. What warranty I can get?
One-year warranty against defect, lifetime maintainence.